The internet-based channel line-up from LG was a surprise. I knew you could access internet content with a smart TV but I thought it was streaming services and websites. I had no clue that LG had a rather large group of internet-based channels that give you more viewing options.

How to Download a Different Samsung TV Internet Browser Mar 17, 2020 LG Smart TV: Online Manual Select Smart Home > Internet. Select at the top of the web browser. Select Bookmark manager. Point the Magic Remote Control 's pointer to a website, and then press and hold the Wheel (OK) button. Hold down the Wheel (OK) button on the Magic Remote Control and move the pointer to … What is a smart TV and the privacy risks of a smart Any TV that can be connected to the internet is a smart TV. A user can stream media services and run apps, browse the internet, access internet music channels, shop online, and access on-demand video services. Some smart TVs include voice-recognition virtual assistant services, like Amazon’s Alexa, to help switch channels, modulate volume

Apr 28, 2020

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