Metadata is often said to be "data about data", but this is misleading. Data profiles are an example of actual "data about data". Metadata adds one layer of abstraction to this definition– it is data about the structures that contain data. Metadata may describe the structure of any data, of any subject, stored in any format.

Metadata is the term applied to information that describes information, objects, content, or documents. So, if I have a book on the shelf in the library, the catalogue record contains metadata about that book that helps me figure out if it is relevant and also, where to find it. Standard bibliographic metadata on library records includes title Metadata (metacontent) or, more correctly, the vocabularies used to assemble metadata (metacontent) statements, is typically structured according to a standardized concept using a well-defined metadata scheme, including: metadata standards and metadata models. metadata: [noun, plural in form but singular or plural in construction] data that provides information about other data. Jan 04, 2020 · A simple example of metadata for a document might include a collection of information like the author, file size, the date the document was created, and keywords to describe the document. Metadata for a music file might include the artist's name, the album, and the year it was released.

metadata definition: The definition of metadata is information about other information. (noun) An example of metadata is a card catalog in a library, giving information about books.

Meta is a prefix that in most information technology usages means "an underlying definition or description." Thus, metadata is a definition or description of data and metalanguage is a definition or description of language. Meta (pronounced MEH-tah in the U.S. and MEE-tah in the U.K.) derives from Greek, meaning "among, with, after, change." Exif Metadata Explained. Exif metadata is a record which shows the digital SLR camera settings used to take a particular photograph. This data is recorded into the actual image file. Therefore each photograph has its own unique data.

[Metadata] can offer us extra information about all of them, for example: Of the products What kind of product is it, if it is a fruit, if it got packaged of some type or if it is a drink; whether it is perishable or not; the date of entry and exit of the warehouse; the expiration date; the supplier of the product or its origin.

Document metadata in Microsoft Word, for example, includes the file size, date of document creation, the names of the author and most recent modifier, the dates of any changes and the total edit time. Further metadata can be added, including title, tags and comments. Clean up AD DS server metadata | Microsoft Docs Clean up server metadata using GUI tools. When you use Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) or the Active Directory Users and Computers console (Dsa.msc) that is included with Windows Server to delete a domain controller computer account from the Domain Controllers organizational unit (OU), the cleanup of server metadata is performed automatically. Adam Melchor – Metadata Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Sep 21, 2018