Submit Songs and Audio Album links from Spotify and Soundcloud free and fast to Harmonic Wings music submission website. Copy and paste the song track link / URL into the song submission form below along with a few other details and let the website take care of the rest.

In order to submit a Spotify playlist to ShareMyPlaylists (SMP) for others to enjoy, you first need to log into SMP. Then follow these steps: Copy your playlist link by right-clicking the playlist name you want to submit in the left sidebar of your Spotify window, and then selecting Copy Spotify URI from the pop-up […] Jul 03, 2020 · Any abuse of the reporting process can result in the termination of your Spotify account. Explicit songs. For: Mobile and tablet. If you find a song that needs an explicit tag: Tap (iOS) (Android) next to the song. Select Report Explicit Content. Broken or incorrect content Jul 23, 2020 · How to get Spotify support. Note: We don’t offer phone support. Chat and email. Chat with us through our contact form. If no one’s available, we’ll get back to you on email. You can submit music directly to Spotify for consideration on one of their curated playlists. Here are the steps you should take for your future release, in order to submit your songs to Spotify for playlist consideration: Due to higher than usual submission volume and COVID-19 impact on our staff, please allow at least 1 to 3 weeks for inspection.

Submit your track for free to our human curated playlists. Music to playlists are updated to: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal & Deezer.

Jul 24, 2019 · Submit the music and then analyze if it is suitable for the Spotify playlists curated by Soundplate. There is a track analyzing tool available for this purpose. There is a track analyzing tool available for this purpose. Best Spotify playlist curators: +2300 playlists to submit your music to (Updated) Do you want to successfully promote your new single, album or EP? Check this definitive directory: + 2300 Top Spotify playlist curators to submit your music to.

A summary of followers and average listeners for Independent Spotify playlisters on SubmitHub.

Nov 24, 2018 · Aside from Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Play Music, and Google Podcasts, Spotify is likely one of the next directories that you want to submit your podcast to. Spotify is more of an up and coming directory, but given their popularity in the music streaming world, their directory is quickly growing and gaining popularity. Want to submit your music to Spotify playlist curators? We provide independent and upcoming artists the opportunity to connect with playlist curators. SUBMIT TO US. Brent Faiyaz Don’t buy Spotify followers – Find real organic fans for FREE: Listd Music is a playlist network that allows users to be discovered [Submit Music Here] ABOUT THIS PLAYLIST Popular SoundCloud playlist coming to Spotify as well, we accept everything Lo-Fi related, wheter it is lofi rap, chillhop beat or just ambient lofi, we want to hear from you what you have to offer , best ones will ofcourse be placed higher in the playlist. Submit 2 Playlist. Free Spotify Playlist Promotion. Click Playlist Image To Submit Free Spotify Playlist Promotion For Artist . TOP 50 HIP HOP & R&B Jul 20, 2018 · Once you submit a song Spotify will ask you to add details relating to genre and sub-genre, you can also share mood, moment, and even the location associated with your release. Keep in mind that this can also be added after the release by using Line-In for Spotify. *Update: the Spotify Line-In feature is no longer active, sadly. Apr 03, 2020 · Content on Spotify is either delivered by a distributor or a record label. Unless you are signed to a label, to submit your music to Spotify, you will need to work with a third-party distributor or aggregator service. Spotify works with companies that distribute and license your music. They pay the earned royalties when your music is streamed.