I Forgot My Twitter Password and Don’t know the E-mail

Who Viewed My Twitter Account: How to Learn? (Updated - 2020) Aug 29, 2019 Sen. Tom Cotton: 'I called Twitter's bluff' about locking Sen. Cotton on GOP police reform bill, Twitter's attempt to ban his account. Republican Sen. Tom Cotton addresses Democrats' criticism of the JUSTICE Act and allegations of big tech companies

Login to the affected Twitter account. If you see the following message, this means your account needs to be unlocked. Also, check your email inbox, they sometimes send an email. How to unlock/verify my account. When the page loads, if you see a message to "Unlock your account", click that button and follow the steps. It'll either ask you for a

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Link your account to a company domain email address. This will allow us to help if you ever need a password reset. The passwords for your login email address and your Twitter account should be strong and unique. Use login verification. Always make sure the URL is Twitter.com before entering your account information (email or password).

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